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Mini Storage

Our selection of mini storage units will meet your needs, your budget, and your project timeline.

Ready to get started on your mini storage project?

Whether you’re building a personal storage structure on your property, breaking ground on a new mini storage business venture, or expanding your mini-storage business, we can provide you everything you need to get the job done right.  We’ve even pre-engineered several metal storage facilities that meet every spatial demand and functional requirement that will help keep your budget and your timeline for the build on track.

Our mini storage structures are measured and cut to your design specifications here at out facility, which helps to eliminate on-site waste, and also cuts your construction time by up to 50% compared to traditional brick and wood structures.

Looking to expand or build your mini storage facility?

  • Mini Storage
  • RV & Boat Storage
  • Climate Controlled
  • Dry Storage

Get Started with Your New Mini Storage Building Today

Contact us now and we can have your new mini storage unite up and running in weeks. Our team are experts in metal buildings and will guide you through the options and find the perfect fit for your budget.

Why Choose Rigid Frame Buildings?

Rigid frame buildings are the perfect fit for mini storage. Not only are they the best option for meeting your specific needs, they are one of the most affordable too.

01 Affordable

In addition to cheaper overall build you’ll keep saving money for years to come. Rigid frame buildings are more energy efficient than other metal structures. They are ultra-durable which insures prolonged life expectancy of the building itself compared to a wood structure, and save you money on upkeep and replacement.

02 Flexible

Rigid frame buildings are highly adaptable and flexible in design allowing for more customized features. Doors and windows can be placed anywhere around the building, and HVAC units can be placed on the roof or on the side. The exterior of the structure can easily be dressed with stone, brick, or wood if desired.

03 The Space You Need

Rigid frame buildings allow you to design large, open spaces that can be used for almost any application which enables you to maximize your space with a cost effective approach.

04 Fast

You can have your rigid frame building designed and installed in weeks! Contact us today and we can have your building ready to use in no time.

More Options & Customization

In addition to working with your custom design for measurements and components, we also offer additional customization options for your building. You can shape your building to meet a wide range of purposes and operations from a bare bones covered shelter to customizing walls, openings, and extensions to meet almost any need.

More Options

Your metal building doesn’t stop at the rigid metal frame. There are a host of options allowing you to get the exact features you need from your building including.

– Overhead-crane-ready haunches
– Gutter and downspouts
– Ridge vents
– Vinyl-reinforced insulation
– Skylights
– Lean-tos and roof extensions
– Roll-up doors, sliding doors and personnel doors

When you contact us our expert staff will listen to your needs and walk you through the various options at different price points to help you design the perfect building for you.

Built with 26-Gauge Purlin Bearing Rib

For our agricultural buildings we use industry standard 26-gauge purlin bearing rib which is your typical screw-down exposed fastener, metal panel. We have it available in multiple styles of sheets and trim, including custom cut trim.  Other panels and options can be discussed with a member from our sales team!

Complete Customization

We can custom cut to any building design you have, as well as provide a range of color options for you to select from for your sheets and panels. See our color options below.

Ash Gray


Burnished Slate

Charcoal Gray

Cocoa Brown

Colony Green

Crimson Red

Desert Sand

Fern Green

Gallery Blue


Hawaiian Blue

Light Stone

Polar White

Rustic Red

Saddle Tan

Fast & Friendly

We offer quick pickup from your first call to delivery or installation. You can count on friendly service every step of the way!

Save Money

Rigid frame metal buildings are already cost effective, but you can save even more by buying direct from Tyson!


Tyson is equipped to meet all of your agricultural building needs. We can customize plans just for you

Get Started with Your New Mini Storage Today

Contact us now and we can have your new mini storage unite up and running in weeks. Our team are experts in metal buildings and will guide you through the options and find the perfect fit for your budget.